You may call me Lee ,or Marleena .. Whatever. Im Single .. aqain .. Was in love ; but i found out i was in that all by myself .... But , Im very chill , laid back , and crazy as a bat outtve hell . I live for and love all the GOOD SHIT . So if anything is worth interest than you possibly might find it on this SHIT RIGHT HEREIm not really use to this TUMBLR , but i'll work it out . Sooner or Later , when i make it TUMBLR famous one day you quys will surely appreciate me for openinq up a little more and puttinq my work a bit more out there than i have .. Im still not all that comfortable with it so much , and thats mainly because i dont know how to work this website to well ... but one day .. one day people .. i swear to yuu . Hahaa I love QUOTES that make sense and hold meaning...Im into Art , ( i like alot of different art , but surreal, illustrations, and tattoo designs seem to be waht catches my eye the most ) I love that shit ..I also dibble and dabble in Psychology , Sociology , Philoshopy, Religions/Spirituality, Anyones creativity , DYI's , Music , Ganja(: , Some fashion , not all fashion.. I like making something old into something new .. .reduce, reuse, recycle; if yuu can . etc..I can be misunderstood easily .. PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELF ! I am who i am , i love the person i will become , and i qrab life by it's balls and ride it out like a true Trooper should ! Sometimes i cant help but be emotional , but im stronq willed, and strong minded.. I dont try to let alot of things distract me .. But i do fall distracted sometimes .. i cannot lie .. But its life .. && i appreciate everythinq My Creator does for me and mines and will continue to do ..Im not fully a Christian , because i am a Sinner as well ..and i take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for my short commings and downfalls, I dont chose to be one not so much on purose .. more so because NO ONE HUMAN BEING is PERFECT. That qoes for the muthafCKas who thibk their aliens too , Yeahhhhhh fCK that .. Yuur prbbly juss weird .I love to LEARN , learning is waht keeps the mind fresh , the blood flowing, the creativity stirrinq, and the mind at wander .. I love facts , crafts , and tutorials .. I feel like im qettinq a little bit ahead of myself sooooooo . yeah any other questions or yuu juss wanna have a convo .. (Not boring) juss messaqe me or leave me a question .. I'll qet back to yuu.. You can also keep up with me through..Facebook: Marleena LeeLaineFree FreemanInstagram: LeeLaineFreeTwitter: LeeLaineFreeeverywhere else ... LeeLaineFree!